See clearly and focus easier with our selection of high-tech progressive lenses.
See clearly and focus easier with our selection of high-tech progressive lenses.


PersonalEYES Vision Care is your Grand Rapids, MI source for single vision glasses, progressive/multifocal glasses, standard bifocal glasses, or specialty glasses.

Our lenses are personally tailored to your vision needs through our high tech, precision fitting exams and the use of VisiOffice, a device that takes precise measurements to customize your lenses.The majority of our lenses are manufactured locally for the highest standard in quality and safety.

Transitions® Lenses

Transitions lenses have been around for a long time but have improved tremendously within the last five years. Along with quicker transition times, Transitions lenses today come in different colors with different amounts of darkening abilities based upon your wants and needs. Having one pair of glasses that are clear when inside and dark outside, all the while getting protection from UV rays makes this a great option for those who dislike having to switch between glasses and sunglasses.


With the excessive use of computers today, many people experience frustrating glare and fatigue that comes with staring at a computer. Many people also notice the increased amount of glare (halos) that comes from the car headlights when driving at night. This clear, anti-reflective coating is excellent at reducing glare coming from both from the computer and the annoying headlight glare at night. This coating is highly recommended for patients who work at the computer or have astigmatism. It is also a cosmetic upgade, especially for high prescription lenses.

Progressive Lenses

PersonalEYES Vision Care is also a proud provider of Varilux® and Shamir® progressive lenses to the Grand Rapids area. Varilux® lenses by Essilor are favored by more than 400 million people, and continue to deliver comfort and clarity to patients with a range of vision difficulties, both day and night. Shamir Insight Autograph and Office lenses bring advanced lens technology to the workplace from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality progressive lenses.

What to Expect from Newer Progressive Lenses:

  • Near-elimination of peripheral blurriness often seen in progressive lenses.
  • No “fish-eye” effect, which can cause straight edges such as stairs to appear slightly bowed. This can make the wearer feel off-balance.
  • Unparalleled visual clarity. This process is used to identify and correct imperfections in the lens prototypes too small to be seen by the naked eye. However, those tiny blemishes present in other lenses still affect your vision.

Looking To Upgrade?

If you’re looking to make the switch to progressive lenses, PersonalEYES Vision Care can make the process fast and easy. First, bring your current glasses, contacts and prescription sunwear with you to your appointment. Our staff can use them as a source of valuable information and get you fitted more quickly. Next, you can tell us about some of your hobbies and daily activities. There are many different options available for your new lenses that will truly make them yours. We can personalize your prescription to better suit those who enjoy outdoor activities, dimly-lit restaurants, long reading sessions, and anything in between.

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