PersonalEyes Vision Care Reviews

I moved to Grand Rapids 4 years ago and shopped around for an optometrists office, personnel eyes is by far the best. Friendly, efficient and with a smile.

Connor G.

Dr Kamann and staff are very caring people. I was concerned with my vision and she ran several test to rule out major problems. She listened attentively answered and answered all of my questions. I was very satisfied with the assurance abd knowledge I received from her. I would recommend her to any one

Shirley B.

Great doctor, very personable! Staff were very friendly and helpful.​​​​​​​

Julie N.

This was my first visit and I'm happy to have Dr. Aaron as my eye doctor now. Professional service and friendly staff. Every step and test was clearly explained. I felt comfortable and confident in the eye care provided.”​​​​​​​

Jacqueline C.

I have been going to PersonalEYES for many years. Dr Aaron Stewart and the entire staff make me feel welcome from the moment I walk in. Their selection of frames are constantly new and exciting. Jill always helps me pick out the perfect pair of glasses. Thank you to all the staff at PersonalEYES. Highly recommended. 5 Star Service!

Eric P.

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