PersonalEyes Vision Care Reviews

My husband and I have been using Dr. Patel since he opened. Thankful to have him in our neighborhood. He is very thorough and tries to understand your lifestyle so he can line you up appropriately with the right lenses. Loved to educate. The exams use modern tech and he does not rush. His staff does not do high pressure tactics on the glasses. He understands if you choose to go a diff route. I’ve hit a point where I want to get to a better pair, all in one and he is helping me sort it out amidst lots of lens options.

Carina R.

Personal Eyes is easily the most modern and up-to-date vision center I've been to. They have state-of-the-art technology beyond what you'd find even at the high-end retail chains. Even more impressive is Dr. Patel and his staff of helpful associates, who have helped me with my difficult prescriptions and my wife with her standard prescriptions. Plus, they offer Shaw lenses, which are incredibly useful for people with my particular type of pupil offset combined with astigmatism and a wicked high prescription. If they can take care of my challenging eyes, then those with more standard prescriptions will find Personal Eyes to be a fantastic experience. We now live 40 minutes away but are happy to make the drive to see Dr. Patel and his staff at Lakeside in Flower Mound because of how well they treat their customers. 5 stars with a glowing recommendation from a person who rarely gives 5-star reviews.

Anthony C.

My fiancé and I have been looking for a new eye care Dr for over 2 years. We had asked around and researched online to no avail. Our goal was a nice facility in an easy access area and happened upon PersonalEyes Vision Care near our home that we pass quite frequently. We scheduled our first visit and could not be happier with Dr Patel and the entire staff. Everyone provide exceptional service and attention to detail. The facilities and state or the art equipment are top notch. We went from being rushed through visits at our previous eye care facility to feeling welcomed and as if they had known us for years. If you are looking for an eye care provider…..LOOK NO FURTHER. Dr Kumar Patel and staff checked every box and then some. If you aren’t happy here…you’re the problem!!!​​​​​​​

Jamison C.

Best Vision care I’ve been to my entire life!! Started coming here since it opened, best decision I’ve made. Dr. Patel is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. Him and his entire staff are kind and polite and always look out for you!

Rajiv M.

It is very transparent how much Dr. Patel cares about his patients from the minute you step in to the clinic. He does a great job of explaining everything thoroughly and without using medical jargon. I have bought one pair of prescription glasses and a pair of sunglasses that I absolutely love. They have a great selection of eyeware that keeps me going back for more! The rest of the staff at PersonalEyes is also great and very enjoyable!

Roshni P.

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