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Planning Your Eye Doctor Visit

At PersonalEyes Vision Care, we want to make sure you get the most from your visit. This guide from VSP will help you know how to prepare for your visit. By following these simple tips, you can be sure that you'll have a comfortable and productive experience at our office.

What to think about before your visit:

  • Have I noticed any eye problems such as blurry vision, flashes of light, poor night vision, or double vision?

  • Do I have trouble judging distances or distinguishing between reds and greens?

  • Is a vision problem making me nervous about doing certain activities?

  • Am I willing to listen to the eye doctor’s advice about fixing my vision problems, even if it might be difficult?

  • How well am I taking care of my contacts? Am I taking my contacts out as instructed? Am I following the appropriate disinfection or disposal directions?

  • Have I had any health issues, injuries, operations, or sicknesses lately that my eye doctor should know about?

  • Does my family have a history of eye problems such as glaucoma or cataracts?

  • If you have the time, please fill out a patient history form found here.

What to bring:

  • Your current glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses

  • A list of current medications—and not just prescription medications. Your eye doctor can look at the list and determine if your medications could be affecting your vision.

  • The name and address of your primary care doctor

  • If your appointment includes having your pupils dilated—and most yearly eye checkups do—you may wish to bring a friend or family member to drive you home. Most people are able to drive home safely.

  • Your vision insurance information

  • A list of the questions you want to ask your doctor so you don’t forget them

What to ask the Doctor:

  • Has anything about my eyes changed since my last visit that I should know about?

  • What are my options for improving my vision?

  • Am I a candidate for laser vision correction?

  • What are the advantages of wearing both contact lenses and glasses?

  • How many hours per day can I wear contacts?

  • Should I look out for anything in particular when it comes to my eyes and overall health?

  • How can I protect my vision while playing sports?

  • Should I be doing anything differently to care better for my eyes?

  • Can I schedule my next visit now?

With a little bit of preparation, your eye exam should be a simple and straightforward process. Take a few moments beforehand to get ready, and your eyes will thank you.
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